my diary!

Date: November 26, 2021
Subject: home? alone?

currently sitting on my favorite chair watching forensic files next to my mom. my cramps were really bad yesterday and today and im really craving mcdonalds and thai food. ill be home alone later in the day and im already looking forward to it.
yesterday was ziua recunostintei (thanksgiving) so we cooked american thanksgiving stapes like sweet potato casserole, mashed potatos, turkey, apple crisp... it was all so good. some members of the family came over and we all hung out. that plus my cramps plus the food made me so tired that i dont even remember falling asleep. i already had coffee and some of the apple crisp this morning but im still hungry. ill probably be editing this site a lot today and trying to add more pages. ive already gotten some inspiration from pinterest. ttyl.

vid of the day:

(cont.) some webpages i want to make: shrines for the grinch and marine animals, my collection of favorite animal crossing pocket camp items and a webpage for my current animal crossing new horizons island.